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swiss spruce tonewood

This website uses cookies to provide the necessary site functionality and to improve your experience. It then gets confusing when marketing terms get added to the common name, like Alpine, High Altitude, Moon harvested etc. Its extraordinary tone, prized for its projection and tonal clarity, has created a resurgence of demand for “Adirondack” spruce. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy. It is available in large, straight-grained pieces, lending this timber to a wide range of commercial uses. Radoja Domanovica 1, 16000 Leskovac, Serbia +381 63 409801. Considered by many to be the best spruce tonewood in the world, especially trees on the northern facing slopes, and felled when the moon is full. Black Locust. RED SPRUCE PICEA RUBENS. Based on this scientific results I undertook to make a top from one-year old "moon wood", meaning that the specific spruce was felled at the "right" moment. For time being, the following conclusions can be summarized: Dendrochronological tests on violins from the Cremona school have shown that often very young wood was used for the tops. It’s a huge, room-filling voice that also manages to make individual notes sound intimate as a whispered word. B&H was mentioned in the last post. Most trees are harvested when they are frozen for approx. Swissguide-ID: 931700. Overall this is an excellent tonewood for any flat-picked or fingerstyle steel string acoustic guitar. Specific, moon-related felling guidelines passed down through generations have apparently proved useful for other professions in the timber industry. Tyler Tyler Member; Members; 161 posts; Report post; Posted January 23, 2003. Red Mulberry (Rare!) This spruce wood was then compared to wood of the same kind from another alpine stand and a stand of trees at a lower altitude. Address: Allied Lutherie. Call Mobile 0403234800. 1891 Williston Rd. For centuries lumber was cut exclusively in the winter and then only at certain times in accordance with the phases of the moon. Konrad Pater "DREWBAS TONEWOOD" 57-550 Stronie Śląskie, Strachocin 1, Polska By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy. Our mission is to identify, source and supply alternative wood species which meet and exceed industry standards for hardness, stability, strength, fabrication/finish, and visual appeal. Tonewood Descriptions. These trees grow naturally in managed stands, benefiting from regular, but conservative, harvesting. Tonholz-Tonewood verkauft 100% garantiert natürlich luftgetrocknetes Tonholz in bester Qualität. Sold Out. 1 Violin Spruce Top AAA Grade + 2 Violin Spruce Top AA Grade. This tree has some specific tonewood characteristic and distinguish from others for some small longitudinal few centimeters long furrows on the trunc under the bark (see picture) These furrows, irregulary disposed, are usually more frequent only on one part of the tree, but continue through the radial section of the wood. I would like to thank Tonewood Switzerland for this exceptional spruce and I'm looking forward to further experiences with this wood. Williams Tui Whitebait Kauri/Swiss Spruce RARE TONEWOOD . I would say that the resulting violin is an exceptional piece, striking by its very clear, brilliant and warm sound. The beautiful rosette inlay is a nice touch to a gorgeous guitar. Its use was all but discontinued due to over-harvesting of the resource but has recently been reintroduced, both thanks to 50 years of regeneration and to the legendary status that this traditional tonewood has attained. Regular price $127.35 . Typically, tonewood grade spruce is from higher altitudes. Violin Spruce Top No. 1616, AAA Grade. Sold Out. Italian, Swiss, French, Jugoslavian, Swedish, Carpathian, and Italian spruce - yes, especially if it's Picea abies (or Picea excelsa), which it almost certainly is. Characteristics similar to high elevation European alpine spruce. Material and quality. Obviously, he won't want spruce from down in the valleys or the lowest, southern faced slopes. We will continue to source our Red Spruce (Adirondack), Domestic Maple, Carpathian Spruce and European Maple from our existing sources to ensure we maintain the quality established by Old World Tonewood. Grisons, a rustic region in the middle of the Swiss Alps, is home to our company. They’re large,… Occasional Top Tonewoods Koa (Acacia koa) Location: Hawaii. Swiss mountain spruce (picea abies) has proven itself trough the centuries on the strength of its tonal characteristics.

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