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social work england cpd

It’s important to keep a record of your CPD to demonstrate your continued fitness to practise and compliance with our CPD standards. It is suggested that you keep on record all of your training courses materials, reflection work, … We investigate concerns if there is evidence that a course is not meeting our education and training standards. Your social work CPD. In this article, we have responded to the most frequent … Look at your practice and reflect on the decisions you’ve made. Finding out what works and what’s beneficial to those people and then acting on the feedback to make positive changes to your practice will help you improve the support you provide. The information recorded in your online account is your personal record of CPD. It will therefore be automatically ‘selected’ on every CPD activity you upload. CPD sample profile 1.1 Full name: Social Work Practitioner – Youth Justice 1.2 Profession: Social Worker 1.3 Registration number: SWXXXX 2. These examples illustrate what a completed CPD record could look like. This includes the political landscape locally and nationally as well as societal changes that are relevant to social work. You should therefore refer directly to our fitness to practise department rather than record it in your CPD record in accordance with our standards (see standard 6). It’s about identifying what your learning needs are and finding the support and means to improve your knowledge in that area. Even if the references are anonymised, the identity of the person may be recognisable to others. Work with your supervisor or a peer to discuss your current practice and think about your values, decision making and ethics. Manage your registration. It also involves looking at the steps taken to provide objective support, free from your own values, views and beliefs. Being able to demonstrate good subject knowledge helps you to carry out good practice. In most instances the outcome of a validation assessment will not be made public. We will not ask you to provide any additional CPD information. You can’t save your CPD record until you have completed all mandatory questions. You should decide how much CPD you need to do, taking into account your personal circumstances and how you’re practising at the time. We’ll carry out an annual check at the close of the renewal period to establish whether you’ve recorded CPD in line with our regulatory requirements. Develop that knowledge however you see fit to make sure you’re considering the potential impact of these changes on your practice. Following the recent Community Care article ‘Social Work England: 18% of social workers have recorded CPD, four months out from deadline’, a number of comments and questions were posted by social workers about recording continuing professional development. When the renewal period closes, we’ll confirm that you’ve reached your CPD requirements. 4.1 Incorporate feedback from a range of sources, including from people with lived experience of my social work practice. I provide social work input to a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) Social work registration period opens with just over one-fifth having completed CPD requirement No concession on removing practitioners from register for not uploading CPD, says Social Work England, as three-month registration renewal period opens Advice for social workers who are not in direct practice. Supervision can look different in different workplaces and settings. For our first year of regulation we won’t be assessing the quality of your record. Make sure the CPD is your own work and that it’s a true reflection of the activities you’ve carried out. We recommend that you type up your CPD in a Word document first and then copy and paste it into our system to avoid losing any unsaved work. Restoration. What each part of the standard means and what you could do to show that you meet the CPD requirement. You should upload your CPD now and keep recording throughout the year so your CPD is up to date. If you have not recorded any CPD at the end of the 21 day period, your registration will not be renewed and you will be removed from the register. We encourage you to regularly record your CPD activity throughout the year to keep it up to date. Social Work England is now the social workers’ specialist regulator. The unstructured form enables you to upload CPD you’ve already done and provides a free text format for you tell us about the impact it’s had on your practice. The Social Work England registration rules 2019, rules 52 to 54 and rule 54 (1) The Social Work England (Fees) Rules 2019, rule 7 (3) Validation assessment If you’re selected for CPD validation assessment. Reflect on that feedback and tell us how you’ve used what you’ve learned to make changes to your practice. ‘We’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Social Work England. Our registration renewal cycle is annual, so you must record some CPD every year. Make sure you include your personal reflection detailing how you identified your learning needs and the outcome of any learning. This guidance also includes information about our annual validation assessment process as well as what that process means for you. To make clear the connection between your learning, our professional standards and practice, the first section of this guidance describes the professional standard relating to CPD (standard 4). By Luke Aldred We know that your Continuing Professional Development is important to you. At renewal, social worker confirms they meet CPD standard. There is no requirement to upload any CPD from before this date. Reflection involves reviewing a professional experience to help make positive changes for your future practice. Word documents (.doc, .docx, .gdoc, .gdocx). The way that social workers renew their registration has changed, as well as how social workers will demonstrate their professional development. You do not need to demonstrate all 8 parts in every piece of CPD. 4.6 Reflect on my learning activities and evidence what impact continuing professional development has on the quality of my practice. © Social Work England 2020. 4.7 Record my learning and reflection on a regular basis and in accordance with Social Work England’s guidance on continuing professional development. Add a new entry, you can use either the structured or unstructured form, however the unstructured form might give you more flexibility to reflect on your CPD … Webinar recording: CPD learning and reflection – breaking down the barriers. Over and above changes in social work, keep your knowledge of current events up to date. Straightforward process As it prepares to take over from HCPC in December 2019, Social Work England has engaged in public and sector-specific consultation to discuss the process for carrying out and recording CPD. By Sarah Blackmore and Philip Hallam, Social Work England . Our registration renewal cycle is annual, so you must record some new CPD every year. The standard states that you must ‘maintain [your] continuing professional development’ and standards 4.1 to 4.8 describe ways in which you can do this. These could include professional literature, journals, articles, research, theories, blogs and social media. Failing to send in a list of CPD activities over the last two years to demonstrate that standard 1 had been met; Submitting copies of patient reports / letters / case notes or patient-identifiable information as part of CPD evidence; Keeping a record of day-to-day work activities (ie confusion between what is CPD and what is actual work) View and apply for vacancies, learn about our application process, or read about what it's like to work at Social Work England. This section of the guidance explains what each of our CPD-focussed standards mean, why they are important, and what you could do to demonstrate that you meet the requirements. Learning from mistakes made by you or others and reflecting on how you would do things differently is an important part of CPD. Which of these do you believe your learning demonstrates? This is how you will demonstrate that you’re eligible to renew your registration each year (section 3 of this guidance shows you how to use your online account). This SCIE and Social Work England webinar explores how social workers are developing professionally and, therefore, logging the learning and its impact following Social Work England’s CPD requirements. You’ll be excluded from the selection process if: How we operate. You need an online account to record CPD, renew your registration annually and pay your registration fees. By discussing what you’ve learned, you help others to learn as well. By end of the year, social worker makes sure they've met requirements. We recommend that you read our restoration guidance before applying to restore. This is due to data protection regulations. Feedback is crucial to social work practice. You should identify your values and understand why they are important to you. How we make decisions and carry out our functions as the regulator for social workers in England. All CPD entries that you record in your online account must be a true reflection of your own work. What each part of the standard means and what you could do to show that you meet the CPD requirement. Careers. CPD sample profile 1.1 Full name: Experienced Forensic Social Worker 1.2 Profession: Social Worker 1.3 Registration number: SWXXXX 2. Standard 4, our professional standard relating to CPD, sets out what you need to do to maintain your registration. How we investigate serious concerns about the behaviour and competence of social workers. Supported learning does not necessarily mean formal training or a course. However you will still need to pay your registration fee. Watch our video explaining how to record your CPD. This is because you’ll need to demonstrate how you meet the CPD requirement when investigations or sanctions are completed. Be aware of any changes that have an impact on the way you practice, think about these changes, and adapt your practice accordingly. Only CPD recorded with a date between 2 December 2019 and 30 November 2020 will count for registration renewal purposes. More and more social workers are uploading CPD to their Social Work England account but four in five are still to do so, the regulator has said. Read more about what you need to do. Recording CPD is a fundamental requirement for continued registration to practise as a social worker. This will help you to grow and improve in a way that informs your practice and helps you identify areas for future learning. You need an online account to record CPD, renew your registration annually and pay your registration fees. The team supports adults with a disability between the ages of 18 As of 29 October, around 43,414, or 44.3%, of social workers have recorded CPD on their online account, significantly short of the regulator’s target for 31 October of 61,310. You should describe the positive changes you’ve made and demonstrate the impact those changes have had with the people you work with. In December 2020 we’ll start to carry out our first CPD validation assessment. How we make decisions and carry out our functions as the regulator for social workers in England. It involves thinking about what needs to be changed to improve future outcomes. This should help you look at areas for improvement and determine what supported learning you need to make those improvements. You should constructively challenge colleagues when you believe their values are negatively affecting their methods in social work practice to make sure ethics are upheld by all social workers. Online account. Read more about what you need to do. We’ve not specified an amount of CPD that you should do. If you join or rejoin the register between 1 September and 30 November 2020, you will not need to complete a renewal application. It could also include negative feedback or complaints. For previously registered social workers who want to return to social work practice. You need to be able to demonstrate your competence in core social work areas such as ethics, strengths or value-based approaches and rights. You will not be able to save your CPD record if you go over the limit. Also at the bottom of the page is a summary box that shows any CPD you've already saved. For people who have completed their social work qualification and would like to apply to join register. However, in order to meet the CPD requirements and to maintain your registration, you should continue to record CPD where possible. By creating and contributing to an open learning culture, you’re showing that you’re always willing to learn and improve. Compliance check made on whether CPD has been recorded. ‘Online account’ refers to your online Social Work England account. Where possible, you should aim to demonstrate all 8 parts of the CPD standard across the activities you record during the year. When recording CPD, you have the option of using a structured or unstructured form. We won’t give direction or advice on what CPD you should do, but we do encourage you to think creatively about your learning, including the things you’re already doing in your role, so you can demonstrate how you meet the standard for CPD. When you apply to renew your registration, we will automatically check whether you have recorded any CPD. The requirement to do and record CPD applies to all registered social workers. JavaScript is disabled in your browser. The Social Work England registration rules 2019. (checks) the CPD of 2.5 per cent of professionals from that profession. View and apply for vacancies, learn about our application process, or read about what it's like to work at Social Work England. Social Work England says it’s important to acknowledge that CPD takes place during a wide range of activities – certainly not just classroom-based training. you haven’t been registered continuously since the start of the registration year (1 December). If your personal circumstances mean you’ll be away from practice for a significant period of time, meaning that you may not be able to demonstrate the CPD standard, you may want to consider voluntarily removing yourself from the register. For security reasons, the system will log you out after 60 minutes and you will lose any unsaved CPD records. Rather, you should use them to challenge yourself and reflect on their effect on your practice. Reflection involves looking at your experiences, analysing what you did, what happened, why it happened, what worked well and what did not. As well as the core values of the social work profession, it’s important to remember that your own values can affect your professional judgement and can influence your actions, behaviours and the decisions. This means you can prepare for and deal with those changes to the benefit of the people you work with. Policies and legislation around social work, rights, privacy, information and many other aspects of social work practice can change. It’s important to build self-awareness and be open to receiving feedback, whether positive or critical. The choice is yours as to which format will best support you to record your learning. On 22 December, we will randomly select 2.5% of social workers for validation assessment. A quick guide to recording your CPD to help you get the best out of your CPD and to prepare for registration renewals. Though you may not agree with the feedback you get, it’s important to listen to the views of others and understand their experiences of your practice. An open learning culture is an environment where learning is encouraged and supported on an ongoing basis and is not limited to the classroom or courses. You can upload relevant supporting documents. Manage your registration. You need an online account to record CPD, renew your registration annually and pay your registration fees. For more information about what you need to do to manage your registration as a social … Notify social worker of outcome. Instead, we’ll check whether the CPD you’ve recorded shows how the learning activity has impacted your practice. For previously registered social workers who want to return to social work practice.

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