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how to prevent early teenage marriage

In southeast Turkey, for example, UNICEF is working with the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to identify causes and cases of child marriages and develop mechanisms to prevent them. Engaging parents and community leaders in discussions about sexual health and adolescence addresses misconceptions head on, while earning the respect and legitimacy … Plan International has been building powerful partnerships for children for over 80 years and is now active in more than 75 countries. To keep the traditions preserved is one of the primary tasks in many African countries. The increase in teen pregnancy rates between the early 1970s and 1990 was largely the result of a change in attitudes about the appropriateness of early … Through this project in Tanzania, Pathfinder worked to make sure they are. When you’re done, access exclusive content and deepen your knowledge of this global issue. Together with several key Egyptian government agencies and NGOs, we worked to prevent early marriage and increase access to adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health care. In addition, education ensures girls acquire the skills and knowledge to find employment and a means to support their families. © 2019 Plan International Canada Inc. Because I am a Girl, and Spread the Net names and associated logos are trademarks of Plan International Canada Inc. raising awareness of the need to invest in and support girls, and shifting the social expectations that stifle their prospects. • Gain a better understanding of how economic incentives and livelihood programmes can delay the age of marriage. more likely to experience domestic abuse and to report that their first sexual experience was forced. Now is the time to act. Other legal policies, such as registering birth certificates and marriages, are powerful tools for preventing child marriage. This document highlights five evidence-based strategies identified by ICRW to delay or prevent child marriage: Empower girls with information, skills and support networks; View Resource. In many traditional communities, it’s believed that marriage keeps girls safe, protected and economically provided for by their husbands. When families have increased economic opportunities, they’re less likely to perceive their daughters as economic burdens. Save the Children works to empower girls and mothers to reduce the numbers of girls marrying before 18. Women who marry while in their teens are two-thirds more likely to divorce within 15 years of their wedding Let's be courageous in the fight for equality, health, & human rights. Be clear about your own sexual values and attitudes. Ending child marriage can improve maternal health worldwide. In today's society, 46 percent of teen marriages will end in divorce before reaching their 10th year. In the context of the countries and communities where teen pregnancy lead to early and forced marriage, one important remedy to early marriage is the provision of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education. Charting the future - Empowering girls to prevent early pregnancy i Contents Contents i Tables, figures & boxes ii Executive summary iii 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Report focus and organisation 2 2 Situation analysis 3 2.1 Global adolescent population 3 2.2 Adolescent fertility 4 2.3 Adolescent marriage … In fact, girls who are married before 18 are more likely to experience domestic abuse and to report that their first sexual experience was forced. When children are empowered to demand for better and take ownership of their own futures, they can rally their entire community to stand up for their rights and challenge the status quo. Once the minimum age is increased, it’s imperative to continue raising awareness of these laws among government officials and community leaders to ensure the laws are being enforced. Ending this practice won’t be an easy feat, but change is possible if we work together. Stand with Canada to #changethebirthstory. That’s why Plan International Canada is calling on Canadians like you to stand with youth to Defy Normal and help end child marriage. A qualitative study, also focusing on See how we used text messages to bring information on sexual... At its core, this project was about empowerment—by bringing together health and wealth, it provided women with the opportunity and tools they needed to live healthier, more fulfilled, more... Every child has a right to feel safe. Early, forced and child marriage is a complex global issue that affects both boys and girls. The bad news is that there are still many risks to teen girls during pregnancy and childbirth, and there are laws that make early marriage difficult. EARLY MARRIAGE AND DROPOUT DECISIONS Previous research points to a variety of social, family, health, and fi nancial outcomes that are strongly correlated with early teen marriage and low education. In fact, the … An $18-million Canadian project is trying to help, and Mozambicans say it’s saving lives. Education plays a critical role in keeping girls safe from child marriage. In centuries past, when only the highest class had access to education, teen marriage was commonplace. Educating girls. Text “1” for knowledge! For married girls, it is important that schools encourage and support them to continue their education in either an informal or formal setting such as being part of a safe space programme, undertaking part-time, remote or vocational learning. SEE ALSO: Meet 3 girls who refused child marriage. Álida, Rosy, Mayra and their friends were part of a successful Plan International campaign to raise the minimum age for marriage in Guatemala to 18 years. Furthermore, child brides are more at risk of HIV infection and more likely to experience deadly complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Empowered girls are able to re-shape perspectives and challenge conventional norms of what it means to be a girl. In many countries where child marriage is widespread, girls are often seen as economic burdens. SEE ALSO: How education protects girls from child marriage. “Understanding the root causes of teenage pregnancy and early marriage is the first step in being able to effectively prevent them,” commented Dillyana Ximenes, Deputy-Director of Plan International Timor-Leste. In countries where child marriage is prevalent, petitioning government to increase the minimum age for marriage to 18 years is a critical first step for positive change. Parents and community leaders are often responsible for deciding when and whom a girl marries. Don’t Feel Pressure to Avoid a Teenage Pregnancy. Early marriage and pregnancy Foster your child's potential by offering incentives for good grades and perfect behavior. Think you have a good understanding of child marriage? 40 community seminars in the four target communities with 1,000+ attendees, 69 NGO & community development association staff completed training on hazards of early marriage, child rights, & gender equity. A cervical cap (sold as FemCap in the United States) is a soft silicone cup that is … The individuals who have begun to do these things early can regularly discuss it enough to make others feel forgotten. Perhaps the best line of defense to help prevent teen sex is to talk to your teen early and often about the risks of engaging in sexual activity. child marriage and early unions in Latin America and Caribbean. adolescents from early marriage (e.g., public advocacy). Learn how we are working to stop child marriage by engaging everyone to stand up and saying no to early marriage. on teenage childbearing. Solutions to End Child Marriage. Date of Publication. The research show that solutions for prevention largely lie within communities and their perception of gender norms. Despite being prohibited by international law, child marriage continues to be practiced in countries around the world, and often in communities struggling with extreme poverty. Way to Prevent Child/Forced Marriage #1: Educate Girls According to UNICEF, one in three girls in low- to middle-income countries will marry before the age of 18. Change IS possible if we work together to end what is considered ‘normal’ for millions around the world. THEIR time is now. However, the opposite is true – marriage endangers girls’ physical and mental health. In addition to using birth control, you can help … Child marriage robs girls of their childhood, often forcing them to drop out of school, exposing them to violence – sexual, physical and emotional – and thrusting them into experiences that their young minds and bodies are not ready for, like motherhood. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy, in 2013 the pregnancy rates of teen girls ages 15-19 were just over 26 births per 1,000. The age at which couples generally marry has risen gradually through the years, particularly in countries such as the U.S.; the median age for marriage in the 1950s was only 19 for example, as noted by the New York Times website. Keeping girls in school is an effective way to prevent girls marrying but it is not enough. To prevent legal responsibility and any punishment the young people are obliged to get married, even if one of the “participants” is thought to be too young for that. Take our short quiz and find out! In addition to donating, you can make a gift in many ways to support the sexual and reproductive health of women and families. more at risk of HIV infection and more likely to experience deadly complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The government requested the study to gather information and recommendations to prevent early marriage and teenage pregnancy and to support teenage mothers Recommendations include interventions to keep girls in school, to provide them with technical and life skills training, to support them in adopting healthy lifestyles and a successful transition to motherhood, and to help their … Our latest analysis shows that 51 million girls will marry before 18 by 2030 given current trends. Particularly the difficulty becomes larger when the teenager couples decide to become parents at an early age. Built the capacity of NGOs and community development associations to implement and institutionalize the prevention of early marriage; Facilitated partnerships between government, civil society, and private sector to lower early marriage by 50%, with enhanced efforts in 7 governorates where early marriage … Every girl has the right to decide her own future, but not every girl knows this – that’s why empowering girls is so crucial to ending child marriage. Many studies have shown that it is more than likely that a girl who marries as a child will come from a community where education for girls is not valued. Nowadays teenage marriages are less common, and a teen … Early marriage can put career into complete jeopardy. -Early Marriage. When I began my study on the consequences of early childbearing in 1965 in Baltimore, it was possible to read virtually every study that had ever been done on the subject by social scientists and medical researchers. Here are 5 ways Plan International is working to prevent and end child marriage in the communities where we work: Education plays a critical role in keeping girls safe from child marriage. paign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy 1997). District, Kenya indicated that teenage pregnancy, early marriage, peer influence, parental negligence, family size and a lack of trained teacher counsellors were the main causes of dropout among girls (Morara and Chemwei, 2013 p.6). With more than 45% of people under the age of 15, Mozambique has one of the youngest populations in the world. In an African nation where abortion was only recently legalized, the barriers to access are public education, medical training and money. In fact, the longer a girl stays in school, the less likely she is to be married before age 18 and have children during her teenage years. “Teenage … In Egypt, 17% of girls are married before their 18th birthday. 2. Yet globally, nearly 41,000 girls are forced into child marriage every day. The 2030 Agenda commits us as a region to end child marriage and early unions, assuring for these girls today–who will be adults by 2030–and their families, opportunities for their full development. Making Sure You Are Informed Visit your doctor. When girls are confident in their abilities, armed with knowledge of their rights and supported by peer groups of other empowered girls, they are able to stand up and say “NO” to injustices like child marriage. Child marriage and HIV have common drivers. Some of the factors that put girls at risk of child marriage also place them at higher risk of HIV infection. It will be much easier for you to talk with your … Most of the sex education in schools consists of one message: "Don't have sex--but if you do, use a condom" (Khouzam 3). SEE ALSO: Ending child marriage can improve maternal health worldwide. To achieve this, we can wait no longer. Early marriage as a tribute to ancestors. Expressing your moral views on sex is a start, but talking to her about the health consequences of sex might do the trick. These include poverty, low educational attainment and gender inequalities, especially those which limit girls’ ability to … Together, they spread awareness, rallied their communities and petitioned lawmakers. Providing families with livelihood opportunities like microfinance loans is an effective way to prevent child marriages that occur as a result of financial need. Plan International Canada is a member of a global organization dedicated to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls. It’s every girl’s right to choose if, who and when they marry. People began working earlier and women had babies at a younger age. This can help break the cycle of poverty and prevent child marriages that occur as a result of extreme poverty and/or financial gain. Girls need the support to make the transition into secondary school. Such cases are not uncommon or unheard of. Through collaboration with youth, parents, community leaders and governments, we can change the story and end this harmful practice. 82% of all children married before age 18 are girls. Empowerment programs for young girls are key to preventing early marriages by improving their self-efficacy. Cervical cap. SEE ALSO: How empowered youth helped end child marriage in Malawi. It is how early marriages can result in poverty. Plan International’s global programme, 18+ (Ending Child, Early and Forced Marriage) works at local, national and international levels to enable millions of girls to avoid marriage, stay in school and decide for themselves whether and when to marry. However, it disproportionately affects more girls – 82% of all children married before age 18 are girls. The problem that rises from this is that teenagers are not being exposed to extensive information on the various forms of birth control, condoms, and other methods of prevention that are available. This is especially true if a girl is in school gaining valuable skills that will help generate income in the future. Numerous teenagers can feel forgotten/behind when their companions begin to have sweethearts, or begin having sex. We joined local partners to help protect children from all forms of violence—with an... Stay updated on our efforts toward better sexual and reproductive health, © Pathfinder International 2020. Girls in households where boys are favored often have low self-esteem and little confidence. Together, let’s help girls become empowered, confident women who decide their own futures. Pathfinder is a 501(c)(3) | EIN: 53-0235320, Strengthening the Response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Nigeria, Fostering Opportunities in Rural Southern Areas, Preventing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Against Children, Provided technical assistance to the National Population Council as they developed and launched the national Preventing Early Marriage strategy in June 2014, Established a replicable model for NGOs and community development associations to contribute to the implementation of the strategy, Built the capacity of NGOs and community development associations to implement and institutionalize the prevention of early marriage, Facilitated partnerships between government, civil society, and private sector to lower early marriage by 50%, with enhanced efforts in 7 governorates where early marriage is most prominent, Employed girl- and gatekeeper-centered approaches to meaningfully engage women and girls as well as men and boys and foster gender and social norm change. 2013. When parents and community leaders are educated about the many negative consequences of child marriage, it can inspire them to change their views, speak up for girls’ rights and encourage others to do the same. 1.) Early marriage of girls infringes on their social and health rights and, as gender researchers have shown, often leads to school dropout, fewer livelihood options, lower bargaining power within households concerning their autonomy or say in … Indeed, the Teenage Girls Survey 2018 (TAG Survey) by Naandi Foundation, a direct conversation with girls across India, shows that 73.3 percent of teenage girls want to marry only after the age of 21, which is a heartening news, but also highlights the mismatch between their aspirations and the reality of early marriage.

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